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Caratteristiche [Musica]

Artisti DiV Filmmusik
Titolo Original Movie Themes
Label Membran Media GmbH / Hamburg
Pubblicazione (anno) 03.05.2010
Formato CD
Contenuto del set 10

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Disc 1

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 Medley: Presenting Lili Mars (from Movie "Presenting Lili Mars") 02:11
2 Main title from Easter parade (from Movie "Easter Parade") 01:22
3 Happy Easter (from Movie "Easter Parade") 02:32
4 Later that night (from Movie "Modern Times") 01:57
5 Twelve oaks (from Movie "Gone With The Wind") 01:19
6 On the ship lollipop (from Movie "Bright Eyes") 03:51
7 Dementia (from Movie "Spellbound") 02:57
8 Liza Lee (from Movie "Big Boy") 01:52
9 Drum crazy (from Movie "Easter Parade") 04:02
10 Shootin' The works for Uncle Sam (from Movie "You'll Never Get Rich") 03:47
11 Little sunshine (from Movie "Big Boy") 01:36
12 Baby take a bow (from Movie "Stand Up And Cheer") 02:49
13 Main Title from Yamkee doodle dandy (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 01:42
14 It only happens when I dance with you (from Movie "Easter Parade") 02:46
15 Munchkinland musical sequence (from Movie "The wizard of Oz") 01:10
16 Escape from Atlanta medley (from Movie "Gone With The Wind") 02:45
17 Jane's return (from Movie "Jane Eyre") 02:42
18 Laugh you sun of a gun (from Movie "Little Miss Marker") 01:31

Disc 2

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 Dames (from Movie "Dames") 09:50
2 Beautiful faces need beautiful clothes (from Movie "Easter Parade") 01:26
3 Casablanca medley (from Movie "Casablanca") 02:01
4 The world owes me a living (from Movie "Now And Forever") 02:28
5 Keep your eyes upon me (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 03:55
6 I was born in Virginia (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 01:50
7 This is the life (from Movie "Easter Parade") 01:09
8 I love to sing-a (from Movie "The Singing Kid") 03:05
9 On accounta I love you (from Movie "Baby Take A Bow") 01:27
10 Harrigan (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 02:24
11 You made me love you (from Movie "The Jolson Story") 02:36
12 I've heard that song before (from Movie "The Forest Rangers") 02:59
13 Arrival of Ilsa and Victor (from Movie "Casablanca") 01:15
14 Love's young dream (from Movie "The Little Colonel") 01:20
15 Call me up some rainy afternoon (from Movie "Easter Parade") 01:31
16 Mary (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 01:55
17 Of all the gin joints... (from Movie "Casablanca") 01:56
18 The toy trumpet (from Movie "The Little Colonel") 01:31

Disc 3

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 I only have eyes for you (from Movie "Dames") 09:08
2 Steppin' out with my baby (from Movie "Easter Parade") 06:00
3 Dat's what Noah done (from Movie "Casablanca") 01:20
4 Animal crackers in my soup (from Movie "Curly Top") 02:36
5 Over there (from Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 03:02
6 Jingle jangle jingle (from Movie "The Forest Rangers") 03:21
7 Knock on wood (from Movie "Casablanca") 01:16
8 A couple of swells (from Movie "Easter Parade") 04:25
9 The girl on the magazine cover (from Movie "Easter Parade") 04:11
10 When I grow up (from Movie "Curly Top") 03:52
11 Carolina in the morning (from Movie "April Showers") 02:32
12 You'll never know (from Movie "Hello Frisco") 02:45
13 My dreams are getting better all the time (from Movie "In Society") 03:17
14 I've got my eyes on you (from Movie "Broadway Melody Of 1940") 04:04
15 Strictly off the record (from Movie "The Forest Rangers") 03:23
16 Believe me... (from Movie "The Little Colonel") 01:10
17 The joint is really jumpin' down at Carnegie hall (from Movie "Thousands Cheer") 03:42
18 I'll walk alone (from Movie "Follow The Boys") 03:13

Disc 4

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 Lullaby of Broadway (from Movie "Gold Diggers Of 1935") 13:45
2 Better Luck Next Time (from Movie "Easter Parade") 04:10
3 I concentrate on you (from Movie "Broadway melody of 1940") 06:39
4 When I'm with you (from Movie "Poor Little Rich Girl") 01:22
5 It's magic (from Movie "Romance On The High Seas") 03:23
6 The fleet's in (from Movie "The Fleet's In") 03:10
7 If You Build A Better Mousetrap (from Movie "The Fleet's In") 01:59
8 California here I come (from Movie "The Jolson Story") 02:25
9 A staircable rag (from Original soundtrack "You'll Never Get Rich") 02:47
10 Not mine (from Movie "The Fleet's in") 02:12
11 I remember you (from Movie "The Fleet's In") 04:04
12 Oh my goodness (from Movie "Poor Little Rich Girl") 03:49
13 Thank your lucky stars (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 02:32
14 We're staying home tonight (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 01:58
15 Goin' North (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 04:01
16 So near and yet so far (from Movie "You'll Never Get Rich") 02:27
17 At the codfish ball (from Movie "Poor Little Rich Girl") 03:28
18 I remember you (from Movie "The Fleet's In") 02:40

Disc 5

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 The lady in red (from Movie "In Caliente") 09:24
2 The right somebody to love (from Movie "Captain January") 03:53
3 Tomorrow you belong to Uncle Sammy (from Movie "The Fleet's In") 04:20
4 Love Isn't Born, It's Made (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 04:01
5 No You, No Me (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 02:12
6 Goodnight my love (from Movie "Stowaway") 01:26
7 The dreamer (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 03:49
8 Rock a bye your baby with a dixie melody (from Movie "The Jolson Story") 02:51
9 They're either too young or too old (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 05:01
10 That's what I want for christmas (from Movie "Stowaway") 02:03
11 How sweet you are (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 03:32
12 Goodnight good neighbour (from Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 02:40
13 This year's kisses (from Movie "on the avenue") 01:48
14 You've got to smile (from Movie "Stowaway") 03:10
15 This is the army Mr. Jones - Overture (from Movie "This Is The Army") 05:27
16 Ohio (from Movie "Four Jills In A Jeep") 01:55
17 How many times do I have to tell you (from Movie "Four Jills In a Jeep") 03:01
18 The international rag (from Movie "Alexander's Ragtime Band") 01:02

Disc 6

N. Titolo brano Durata
1 All's fair in love and war (from Movie "Gold Diggers of 1937") 10:36
2 Get on board li'l children (from Movie "Dimples") 01:11
3 You're laughing at me (from Movie "On The Avenue") 03:59
4 The champ (from Movie "Four Jills In A Jeep") 03:16
5 Everybody's doing it (from Movie "Alexander's Ragtime Band") 01:52
6 Boogie woogie / Crazy me (from Movie "Four Jills In A Jeep") 04:05
7 I've got my love to keep me warm (from Movie "On the Avenue") 03:12
8 He was a dandy (from Movie "Dimples") 01:03
9 Now it can be told (from Movie "Alexander's Ragtime Band") 01:43

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