The Olympians (london 1972)

Pashley, Ann / Mc Alpine, William / Herinc

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Propriétés [Musique]

Artiste Pashley,Ann / Mc Alpine,William / Herinc
Titre The Olympians (london 1972)
Label Sunny Moon GmbH / Köln
Parution (an) 03.10.2008
Format CD
Contenu du set 2

Sintel Trailer
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Disc 1

No Titre Durée
1 Introduction To Act One
2 Good Morning, Madame Bardeau
3 There is a troupe here of strolling players
4 I am Hector de Florac
5 Nonsens, nonsense, it is in the past
6 No, no we don' t want any more of that
7 My friends and comrades of the theatre
8 If you have finished, we will return to sense
9 Be ready to perform it at my house
10 Introduction to Act Two, Part One
11 Madeleine, I Am here
12 Ah!, Ah!

Disc 2

No Titre Durée
1 Introduction to Act Two, Part Two
2 Every man Jack of them!
3 Hector, Hector, I am here
4 Introduction to act Three
5 You are Kind
6 So, mary me at once this very day!
7 If Madeleine and the young poet love each other ....
8 This house is clean of every evil spirit

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