Christie, Clayton, Jos

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A.Clayton, R.Joshua, I.Davies, C.Hulcup, J.Lemalu, Les Arts Florissants, William Christie (Dir)

A.Clayton, R.Joshua, I.Davies, C.Hulcup, J.Lemalu, Les Arts Florissants, William Christie (Dir)

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Artiste Christie, Clayton, Jos
Titre Belshazzar
Label Harmonia Mundi GmbH / Berlin
Parution (an) 30.11.2015
Format CD
Contenu du set 3

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Disc 1

No Titre Durée
1 Belshazzar HWV 61 (Belsazar, Oratorium) (Gesamtaufnahme)
  1 Ouvertüre 02:40
  2 Arioso accompagnato: Vain fluctuating state of human empire! (1. Akt) 04:28
  3 Arie: Thou, God most high, and thou alone 04:36
  4 Rezitativ: The fate of Babylon, I fear, is night 01:14
  5 Arie: Lament not thus, o Queen, in vain! 04:58
  6 Chor: Behold by Persia's hero made 02:27
  7 Rezitativ: Well may they laugh, from meagre famine safe - Oh memory 01:27
  8 Arie: Oppest with never ceasing grief 03:57
  9 Arie: Dry those unavailing tears 01:54
  10 Rezitativ: Be comforted: Dafe tho'the tyrant seem - Methought, as on the bank of deep Euphrates - Now tell me Gobrias 03:58
  11 Arie: Behold the monstrous human beast - Rezitativ: Can you then think it strange, if drown's in wine 03:47
  12 Arie: Great God! Who yet but darkly known - Rezitativ: My friends, be confident, and boldly enter 04:09
  13 Chor: All empires upon God depend 03:27
  14 Arioso: O sacred oracles of truth! 04:53
  15 Accompagnato: Rejoice, my countrymen: The time draws near - Rezitativ: For long ago - Accompagnato: Thus saith the Lord 03:00
  16 Chor: Sing, o ye heav'ns, for the Lord hath done it 04:16

Disc 2

No Titre Durée
  1 Arie: Let festal joy triumphant reign - Rezitativ: For you, my friends, the nobles of my court 06:45
  2 Arie: The leafy honours of the feld 07:09
  3 Rezitativ: It is the custom, I may say, the law 01:34
  4 Chor: Recall, o king, the rash command 02:32
  5 Rezitativ: They tell you true, nor can you be to learn 01:18
  6 Duett: O dearer than my life, forbear 04:44
  7 Chor: By slow degrees the wrath of God to its meridian height ascends 06:08
  8 Chor: See, from his post Euphrates flies! - Why faithless river dost thou leave... (2. Akt) 06:32
  9 Rezitativ: You see, my friends, a path into the city - Arie: Amaz'd find the foe so near... 06:07
  10 Chor: Ye tutelar gods of our empire, look down 02:52
  11 Arie: Let the deep bowl thy praise confees 02:35
  12 Accompagnato: Where us the God of Judah's boasted pow'r? 02:41
  13 Rezitativ: Call all our Wismen, sorcerers, Chaldens 01:45
  14 Rezitativ: Ye sages, welcome always to your king - Trio: Alas! Too hard a task the king imposes - Chor: O misery!... 02:11
  15 Rezitativ: O king, live for ever! - Art thou that Daniel, of the Jewish captives? - Arie: No, to thyself thy trifles be 02:58
  16 Accompagnato: Yet to obey his dread command - Thou, o King, hast lifted up thyself... 03:53
  17 Arie: Regard, o son, my flowing tears 06:21

Disc 3

No Titre Durée
  1 Arie: O God of truth! O faithful guide! - Rezitativ: You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace 05:16
  2 Chor: O glorious prince! Thrice happy they 04:56
  3 Arie: Alternate hopes and fears distract my mind - Rezitativ: Fain would I hope. Is there not room to hope? (3. Akt) 04:42
  4 Arie: Can the black ??thiop change his skin? - Rezitativ: My hopes revive, here Arioch comes: By this 03:25
  5 Chor: Bel boweth down! Nebo stoopeth! 01:28
  6 Arie: I thank thee, Sesach, the sweet pow'r - A martial symphony 02:04
  7 Arie: To pow'r immortal my first thanks are due - Rezitativ: Be it thy are, good Gorias, to find out 02:22
  8 Arie: Destructive war thy limits know 02:20
  9 Duett: Great victor, at your feet I bow - Rezitativ: Say, venerable prophet, is there ought 05:58
  10 Chor: Tell it out among the heathen, that the Lord is King 01:37
  11 Acompagnato: Yes, I will build the city, God of Israel 01:37
  12 Anthem: I will magnify Thee, o God my king 06:59

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