Laurel & Hardy - Musical Impressions

Various Artists

CD de Bandes sonores

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Propriétés [Musique]

Artiste Various Artists
Titre Laurel & Hardy - Musical Impressions
Label Broken Silence / Hamburg
Parution (an) 13.11.2015
Format CD
Contenu du set 1

No Titre Durée
  1 March Of The Toys (VICTOR HERBERT "Babes In Toyland")
  2 Babes In Toyland (AMPICO LEXINGTON)
  3 Laurel And Hardy: On Tour - Oliver Hardy Sings Shine On Harvest Moon
  4 Oliver Hardy Interview 1952
  5 Dream Medley Naughty Marietta Intermezzo
  6 The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
  7 Shine On Harvest Moon (1939)
  8 Shine On Harvest Moon (1909)
  9 Shine On Harvest Moon (FRANK STANLEY & HENRY BURR)
  10 Let Me Call You Sweethard (SHANNON QUARTET)
  11 In The Good Old Summer Time (1902/03)
  12 In The Good Old Summer Time
  13 Lazy Moon On Edison Gold Moulded
  14 Somebody's Coming To My House
  15 When Other Lips (JOHN MCCORMACK)
  16 Then You'll Remember Me
  17 The Bohemian Girl
  18 The Bohemian Girl - Brockway (Balfe) (AMPICO LEXINGTON)
  19 Erblickt Auf Felsenhoehen (ERIKA WEDEKIND & KAREL BURIAN)
  20 Fra Diavolo (KAREL BURIAN)
  21 Welches Glueck, Ich Atme Freier (HEDWIG FRANCILLO-KAUFMANN)

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